How can I get used to the belt?

12.04.2019 16:51

Often asked and we’re never getting tiered to answer it. You need to do some intense training before you can wear the belt 24/7. It’s not like you get the belt, put it on and you must never take it off. That almost never works.

Of course it always depends on the person itself and the will to wear the belt permanent. Woman get used to wearing the chastity belt sooner than men. You can say that different sex matches with different models:

The permanent cleaning of your genital area is the basic requirement for men and woman. It’s helpful if your genital area around the penis or vagina is completley unhaired. We recommend to do it once a week to prevent infections and to avoid tensions. If this doesn’t help you can use vaseline to reduce frictions und to increase the slippage. If you have a bleeding wound you need to take off your belt as long as the wound is heald and the cause is found. Begin slowly to increase wearing time in stages and it’s not necessary to establish a new world record. We recommend to start at the weekend , maybe first on a Saturday and later you can try wearing it a whole weekend. Don’t wear the chastity belt during the day and not while you’re working. You can do that if you are trained. If you follow these simple rules you can soon wear the belt longer and be soon chaste.

Hinweis / Note