How do I lay on the chastity belt correctly?

12.04.2019 16:44

Usually when customers receive their chastity belt they unpack the package and try to put it on somehow. It is very important that you close your belt in a relaxed position. If you pulled the croatch band through your legs and placed the hip band around your hips, you will now take the backside cover plate and press it through the middle hole on one of the both sides of the hip band.

After you’ve done that, you will now take the hip band of the opposide side and pull the middle hole over the bolt of the cover plate at the backside. For the next step you need two fingers, your thumb and your trigger finger. You hold all three pieces tight together and pull the croatch band up and you bring the front shield also into the bolt. Four pieces are tight together. At last you push the front cover plate as a closing plate over the bolt and press it tight together with your thumb and your trigger finger. The bolt stucks out just so far that you can pull the completley open lock over the flute of the bolt so that you can rotate 180 degree the lock. Now you have to press the lock into the handle. That’s it! It might sound easy at first but you need a little of training.

It is getting easier if you put on your belt while standing and pulling your stomach in or you lay down, to minimize the tension of your stomach and it’s important to close the lock. The manufacturing dimension are kept very tight so there are no rattling noises in the lock system, you need some patience if you want to do it correctly. If you can’t press the cover plate at the backside or frontside and the waist band and the front shield tightly together there is often a problem with the re-bending of the chastity belt. The bending at the holes of the waist band can lead to bends and this makes the hole package thicker. In order to fix it you just need to bend it straight again at the holes.

Hinweis / Note