How many D- rings do I get?

12.04.2019 19:21

The amount of D-rings you will get for your belt is up to you. We can produce as many D-rings as you like. You just tell us where exactly you want the D-rings to be placed in your order. Normally they are placed at the right and left side of your waist band or even at the backside of your hip band or a D-ring at the crotch of your chastity belt.There you can pull through the chain which connects the legs with each other.

This D-ring can, if you want, can be removable attached. It doesn’t bother you if you don’t need it and if you need it you can easily install it. Just note that the removable D-ring is only at the crotch band useful. The other D-rings are welded to the belt and can’t be removed so they are resilient while having bondage games or bdsm activity . You can fix your slave tight to a cross or with chains to the bed.

Hinweis / Note