I have a thick beer belly, until what scope can you produce a chastity belt?

12.04.2019 16:07

At this present time, many people have a slightly stronger stomach, also called a beer belly.
Usually the stomach is above the man’s genitals and conceals them.

Many of our customers keep asking, to what size we can offer our special and custom-made chastity belts. This question can be answered quite simply. We can customize your belt up to a maximum circumference of 1.60 meters. Everything above is not possible for us to produce. However circumferences above this are quite rare. We also believe that it is impossible to wear a chastity belt in those dimensions.

Please take your measures of your circumference with a tape measure before ordering.
That's just the indication of measurement before taking the actual measurements of your body. Those instructions with the correct size chart will be send to you after ordering.

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