I want a chastity belt - how do I teach it to my partner?

12.04.2019 15:04

A very explosive topic! Because how can you best confess to your partner that you would like to have and wear a chastity belt? This question is probably asked by all those who are faced with the decision of having to communicate this heartfelt wish to their partner. How will my partner react to this? Especially when it comes to couples who have neglected this point in their sexual life due to their job, lack of time, children, whatever. Exactly here comes the desire to want to put on a belt. There are usually two reasons for this: The "desire" can be extremely high with the partner, however, not with the counterpart. Or the other way around, the lust is very "low" with the partner and very high with the other.
Thus the compulsion can develop fast to satisfy itself each day. A vicious circle that has to be broken in this situation. Others in turn drift around the whole day on porn sites in the Internet in order to govern themselves off. Thus many find the way to the Keuschhaltung and the desire accumulation connected with it! This can lead then by the play of both partners to the "discharge" and increase the sexual kick enormously. This has nothing to do with "sick" or other things!
It is also not a restriction of the quality of life. For many it is always something unimaginable at the beginning, but after a few days or weeks the thought becomes stronger and stronger and must then be discussed with the partner. It is always important that you explain it to your partner in a quiet minute, preferably over a glass of champagne or dinner. Then give your partner some time because such a statement often overwhelms many, at least for the moment. If your partner has become friends with the sexual "chandelier" and the thought of it, it is usually easier than you thought. The point is to always find the right beginning in a conversation. Try it out and you will see that you will be heard.

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