I want a well-fitted chastity belt but I have no opportunity to visit you in Eppertshausen for measurements. What do you suggest?

12.04.2019 16:24

If you are living too far away but still dreaming of wearing a chastity belt, here is what you can do.

By placing an online-order, we will send you an illustrated and precise description of how to take an exact measurement of our body parts. It is necessary to know where to start and where to measure.

However there are few customers that are questioning their own measurements and hope to find another solution for this kind of insecurity combined with this distance. In order to receive a well-fitted chastity belt there is an alternative way, to eliminate those insecurities.

It starts as follows: you take measurements of yourself and we craft your desired chastity belt as a raw version for you. This means in detail, that the waist-belt will be produced with the interlocking system and front plate. The crutch-belt will also be produced, but won’t be durably tightened and connected to the back of the waist-belt. The edges will be temporarily provided with a synthetic edge protection. Now we will send your semi-finished chastity belt home to you.

On the rear side of your chastity belt you will find a specific appliance, in order to put it on at home and adjust your perfect crutch-size of the chastity belt.

By the time your ideal size is determined, you return the chastity belt to us. We will finish your chastity belt and send it back to you. This procedure, however, takes more time and therefore it will extend the production time. This kind of “final-adjustment” does only applies for the “continuous crutch-belt” as well for the “active-style crutch-belt (wire)”. It is not feasible for our shackles.

This service requires:  You have to pay twice shipping and handling.
The chastity belt also may be for the final adjustment in your possession for at most two days. Those specific appliances are also needed for other customers. The lending fee therefor is 34 € + shipping and handling. Please note, that this is a special service we would like to offer our customers.

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