I’am a little bit bigger but I want to wear a belt

12.04.2019 16:33

Even corpulant people want or have to wear a chastity belt and are often not sure if this is even possible. People who have a „normal“ figure have no problems that the hip or waist band stays in the right position. If you are a little bit corpulant your body figure acts a bit different than usually but with a couple of tests you can see easily if you can or can’t wear a chastity belt.

First you take a look where the wrinkle between the fat pads are. If it’s more upper you can use a waits model. If it is more beneath your bellybutton you just cleared for yourself which model you could actually wear. A further and important detail we’ll explain in the text below:

You put a 3 cm thick normal belt in your fat wrinkle over your pelvis and you tight it up until it has the right position. Now you try to pull down the belt. Mostly it’s not possible. If it is possible you must tighter it. If this doesn’t help and you can still pull down your belt than we have to tell ou that it’s not possible for you to wear a chastity belt. The only way to wear a belt is to lose weight.

Hinweis / Note