If the key to the lock of chastity belt is broken

13.04.2019 16:16

How can it happen that the key to my chastity belt get‘s broken?

It only happened once or twice but we wanted to find the cause of broken key. So we found out that the key can break if it’s overloaded while it’s in the lock. That means if it should break it’s because you used in a wrong way.

If you want to open the lock of your chastity belt you just have to inserted the key into the designated space. Put the key in the space up to the stop. Then the key is really inside the hole. Now you turn around the key carefully so that the lock opens up. Stop turning it any futher around or use violence on the key.

Please don’t use any violence if the key is into the lock.That’s where the material might get broken if you do that from time to time. So the breaking of the key is not a material weakness is just the wrong use!

Now the key broke! You will now need a new key if the pieces fall out of the lock or you might need a whole new lock with a key. If you have another key to that lock just send it to us and we’ll make you a new key out of that.

You can order a new lock in our online shop as well. Please note that we can’t replace a new lock without any costs.

Thank you very much.
Your team of My-Steel

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