If you can’t close the bow of your lock

13.04.2019 16:13

If you realize after some time that you can’t close the lock anymore because the bow of the lock doesn’t go into the hole and there is always the following problem: the cause of it is that the lock was tried to put in the hole with violence or there is a problem with the opening of the bow.

Because of violence that has been used while using the bow the bow is forced to deform itself to the outside.
The result of that is that you can’t get the bow into the hole.

Important notice: If you put the lock on or off, the bow has to be 180 degree away from the body of the lock.

That way you put the lock an and off without any problems and wothout using violence. If you don’t do it it can cause the above named problems. How can this functional disorder we repaired so I can use the chastity belt as soon as possible? You can see that on picture number two.

Take now a pliers and a little thicker paper, which you put between the pliers and the bow of lock. This way you won’t get any scratches on your lock. Now press VERY CAREFULLY the bow together (hardly noticeable) and try to close the bow again. You need to repeat that until it works again.

Congratulations, you did it! Your chastity belt can now be used again and you can put it on again.

Hinweis / Note