Interchangeable crotchbands for the Untouchable Chastity Belt

12.04.2019 20:03

Interchangeable crotch straps for the Untouchable Chastity Belt.

How beautiful it is for a chastity belt wearer, whether for the man or for the lady, we have thought about and you can now easily install different crotch bands for your chastity belt. And that in just a few seconds!

Changing the crotch band on our chastity belts is so easy

Open the buckle of your chastity belt and remove the front shield from the buckle holder. Now turn the entire crotch band to the side so that the rear part is removed from the Travel System. Your chastity belt is now disassembled. Now take the second crotch band and latch it back into the Travel System in the same way and close the front shield again in the locking system.

All these changing systems via the Travel System can be installed on a male chastity belt as well as on the female chastity belt!

In the picture you see an Activ (steel rope) crotch band as an interchangeable crotch band on a Untouchable Premium with Travel-System at the back of the waistband.

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