Is it possible to visit My-Steel accompanied by my mistress or domina?

12.04.2019 16:55

Many of our customers are pretty nervous before their visit that’s why some of them asks us how it’s going to proceed and if it’s a problem if they are coming as mistress and slave or a hostess with her slave or a domina with her slave and they are chained to a leash, no mather in what constellation you are coming, everybody is welcome in our house who is interested in our products. We also have no problems with unusual clothes, like men in skirts or else.

We just have one request: We are living in a residential area that’s where our showroom is. So we would like to ask you to act inconspicuous and discreet outside the house. We don’t want any problems with our neighbours or other people living in the area. Some people who are not into fetish or bdsm might feel uncomfortable. We thank you for your understanding!

Hinweis / Note