Is it possible to wear the belt without a tube as a man?

12.04.2019 16:56

Basically we need to say that men have genitals. That’s why normally all our chastity belts are delivered with a steel tube to store the penis. Because some of our customers wishes a belt without the tube, we decided to offer belts without the tube. We got inspired by that idea and now we can offer a belt which the wearer does not wear the belt at the body, no it’s possible to change between „belt with diaper“ or without diaper but then woth a soft penis tube.

This soft tube has a silicone layer at the outside and is extremly felxible so there is no pressure at the penis stem. This way the wearer can take off the tube and wear it like a woman over the diaper. The saftey that the wearer can’t touch his penis or testicales is assured because the chastity belt is over the diaper. Another advantage is that the wearer can wear the belt all day long without taking it off because of the diaper he doesn’t need to go to the toilet.

Hinweis / Note