KeyInLock system – construction and performance

13.04.2019 18:31

KeyInLock system – construction and performance.

The KeyInLock system protects the access to the chastity belt, if you want to open it or want to take it off. These situations might come very quickly. Maybe even you thought about it what to do if you need to open up the lock without calling a key emergency service.

Of course your partner wants to control the emergency opening in any case. This is no problem with this system because the spare key is worn at the body in the locking system and it can be open by breaking the seal. The seal has an individual security number. More to that later…

We deliver the KeyInLock system with the chastity belt order and it contains four seals with different security numbers.

You can see the locking system with an opened cover plate and the security space which holds the key in it.

The key is now in this space but not secured.

The cover plate is put onto the locking plate after the key was put inside and gets secured with the lock.

At last you put on the seal which secures it. You just put the seal through the hole and it latches with the key. You can now not take it off any more without destroying the seal. Therefore your partner knows if the seal is broken and you have to render an account to your partner! It’s the perfect solution for the wearer if he gets in an emergency situation.

You can order this system in our online shop. The first four seals are always in the delivery.

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