locking system in new shine

12.04.2019 19:57

We have been successfully selling our chastity belt products for men and women all over the world for many years. It is particularly important to us to manufacture a serh good quality and according to the specifications of our customers our products. This is the only way to guarantee a serh good fit on the body. All our chastity belts inevitably have a locking system to open and close the waist band or the hip band. That is important, because the wearer must somehow in the KG and later also once again out.

This locking system is constructed in such a way that there is a rear cover plate which is referred to as the rear side and a front locking plate which is placed over the bolt when the two straps are hooked into the rear locking plate. Only then can the front locking plate be inserted and locked using the supplied lock, the chastity belt.

Now it was so that both locking plates were always produced as ground version. This means that there was still a relatively rough surface, which was polished after the manufacturing process using the electropolishing process. We were of the opinion that also the fastener on the chastity belt should be mirror polished to match the rest of the material. So we changed our production in such a way that every single front and rear cover plate is now very elaborately polished by hand to a high gloss finish. The surface is now also mirror polished and forms a perfect unit with the chastity belt.

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