Marriage counseling recommend the use of chastity belts in foreign television programme

12.04.2019 16:46

As been reported in foreign television more and more marriage counsel recommend married couples the use of a chastity belt if they’re marriage is into trouble. It was pretty interesting to see that the couples were especially adviced that the usage of a belt will increase the chances to continue a great marriage. The interest in your partner will be rediscovered. Many of those cases have been therapied with that procedure and there are about to come more in the future.

The spokesperson said that many couples could avoid a seperation on a long-term. Keeping yourself chaste will increase the drive for the partner onto the maximum. Another advantage is that you minimize the mastrubation. Wouldn’t it be a great therapy possibilty in Germany and wouldn’t it be even greater if the health insurance or marriage counsel centre bears all the expenses?

Hinweis / Note