Multi-colored chastity belts for men and woman

13.04.2019 15:55

Multi-colored chastity belts for men and woman

Of course we fufill very special wishes for our customers.

And so we took the wishes and made a multi-colored chastity belt for men. This model is a Transformation-chastity belt with a continuous crotch band. The hip band was made of blue silicone profile and the front shield has a pink silicone profile. That way we constructed a fine colored combination with two very different colors.

The picture you see back down are only examples how chastity belts could look like. We have many colors and you can choose every color combination you like. Of course we offer these combinations for woman chastity belts as well. The are no bounderies to that.

Maybe this color combination is interesting for your future chastity belt. No matter if you want or wear a woman or men chastity belt. You will always find a solution with us.

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