Neck cuff in blue with foldable D-rings

13.04.2019 21:02

Neck cuff in blue with foldable D-rings

A neck cuff in a blue color with foldable D-rings.

Our well known neck cuff made off stainless steel and high-polished steel sheet are now available with a special blue silicone profile (and of course in seven other different colors). The neck cuff has a built-in hinge so that putting it on is very easy and wearing it is very comfortable.

At the front lock where the bolt to lock is installed there is a distance ring at the other side of the lock. It is tight to the stainless steel connected so the security lock can take it perfectly and it holds the distance. The D-rings are tight and foldable to the up- or downside without any clattering! The mechanism is very clever and matches perfectly to the lock. A great neck cuff for every “slave” who deserves it!

You can also engrave the cuffs; this is an option you can choose.

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