New standard tubes for your chastity belt from one casting

12.04.2019 20:00

For many years we have been producing chastity belts made of stainless steel. These belts are of course completely made of high-gloss stainless steel, it does not matter whether for men or women. For some months now, we have been working on further improving our existing product line of chastity belts for men. In particular it concerns all models for men which are equipped with a penis tube and this the penis of the man safely can take up. We speak here exactly of the model series "TOTAL Chastity Belts for Men" and "COMFORT Chastity Belts for Men" and the model series "Transformation Chastity Belts for Men" as TOTAL or COMFORT system. These model series are equipped with stainless steel penistubes, which have been joined together by several individual parts until today.

The previously used standard penis tube made of stainless steel

The previously used penis tubes were welded together from several individual parts. These include two tube bends, each available as 35 mm inner diameter or 38 mm inner diameter. These two tube elbows are separated according to a certain pattern and are then welded together to form a complete penis tube. A 5 mm thick stainless steel ring is placed on the entrance of the penis, where the penis enters the tube, which is also welded to the tube. This manufacturing process can inevitably lead to the formation of seams or butt joints. These are due to the manufacturing tolerances of the individual pipe bends. Due to the bending process, the wall thicknesses also deviate slightly from time to time, depending on the batch of raw elbows. The welded ring at the penis entrance can also lead to transition points and unevenness. These are mostly ground cleanly, but if a wearer of the chastity belt has a "hypersensitive" penis, even the smallest unevenness within the tube can be disturbing. We have taken this problem on board and have produced a new standard tube made of stainless steel, which we would like to present to you today:

The new standard stainless steel penis tube from a single casting

The new penis tube made of one cast part has all these small irregularities in the interior, as well as in the exterior no longer. The welding seam, which was technically unavoidable on the predecessor model, no longer exists. The small openings, or irregularities, between the attached ring and the penis tube are also no longer there. The new cast tubes are now cast out of one piece into a mould and then ground inside and out, so that a nice smooth or even high gloss surface (optinial) is created in the outer area of the tube. Of course, with these standard penis tubes, you still have the option of ordering a tube that is open at the end, or a penis tube with urinal holes, so that the penis can never be stimulated. Furthermore, you can also choose in the shop whether you want the penis tube as a polished version outside or optinal as a high-gloss tube.

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