Now also whole graphics on your chastity belt possible

28.11.2019 20:45

It's time! For many years we have been offering our customers all over the world the opportunity to have their lettering applied to their chastity belts or bondage products. Within the last year many of our customers have asked for complete graphics to be applied. We have also dealt with this problem and found a solution.

Under the rubric "Engravings" you can now simply select the place and on which position you would like to have an entire graphic placed. Simply select your wishes and order this option right away. After ordering, please send us your picture or graphic and we will convert your graphic into a usable print object. Then the graphic, which looks like a laser engraving, is applied to the metal.

You can send us any possible graphic. No matter in which format. The resolution of the print always depends on the resolution of your graphic.
Hinweis / Note