Product inquiries by mail

13.04.2019 16:04

Dear customer,

We would like to contact you, because we are always receiving questions about our products by e-mail. We have an incredible variety of products available for you as a customer. Within these products we describe as good as possible all details which are important to find the right decisions for the right product.

Because we offer unique products in the field of chastity belts and bondage, of course all of them are tailored and made to your body measurements, we have endless possibilities to combine our chastity belt products with many accessories. Thereby it is sometimes very difficult to understand everything correctly.

For this reason we receive daily inquiries about products and their accessories. That is also good so. So we can answer your question or questions. So you get your questions answered quickly. Most of your email inquiries are simple and are filled with one or two questions.

From time to time we also have customers who have many more questions. So we get emails that have an excessive number of questions. If our customers have more questions in between, we get several emails from one and the same customer within a very short time and we can hardly combine these many questions, which often leads to a chaos. These emails are then often justified with a clearly increased expenditure of time. In such cases we would like to ask you to send us an email where you can finally put together all your questions. Only then will we be able to answer your questions quickly.

Many thanks to you

Your team from My-Steel

Hinweis / Note