The differences of chastity belts – Untouchable-premium and Untouchable-basic

13.04.2019 16:08

We want to explain to you the differences between the chastity belt Untouchable-premium and Untouchable-basic.

The chastity belt Untouchable-premium:

The front shall of the chastity belt is curved. The testicales and penis are put in this shall and are so protected from the outside. As seen on the following picture the Untouchable-premium has a separate penis tube at the front shield. The advantage of that model is that the testicales and the penis are separated from each other.The urin can flow through the tube into the outside (you can see at the picture that the urin outlet goes out of the front shield). This way the testicales stay clean, because the urin goes right through the tube. Another advantage is that you have to clear two hurdles to get to the inside:

1.) You have to get through the tight silicone ancles of the front shield

2.) The penis tube protects the penis inside, so you have to get through that, too.

It’s almost not possible to get through this model.

The chastity belt Untouchable-basic:

This model has not a separate penis tube at the front shield. Some customers prefer this model because they have more space for penis and testicales in this front shield of the chastity belt. The urin can flow into the outside through the integrated urin holes which you will find in the front shield. The urin gets in touch with the testicales.

Hinweis / Note