The different colours of our silicone profiles

13.04.2019 17:34

In the last couple of years we matched our colours to the various customer requirements and so we offer you now many beautiful colours for your chastity belt, bondage articles or the thigh bands as well as the chastity bra. You can choose the profile you like when you place your order at our online shop. That’s how your chastity belt or other products you choose get the colour that you want them to have. Of course all the colours are free of charge for you. You can see at the picture below the wide profiles as well as the thin profiles, which we use for the front shield for example. All togehter we extended to eight different colours.

From left to right:

Silicone colour black
Silicone colour purple
Silicone colour blue
Silicone colour red
Silicone colour pink
Silicone colour yellow
Silicone colour white
Silicone colour silver

That way your article get’s a personal touch with the right colour.

Hinweis / Note