The neck cuff – construction and function

13.04.2019 21:05

The neck cuff – construction and function

The construction and function of a neck cuff.

The neck cuff is made off high-polished stainless steel. In the middle of the cuff is a stainless steel hinge so that you can open and close the neck cuff easily. The edge protection is made off silicone and is glued to the stainless steel.

In order to close it you must put the opening over the safety bolt and close it. So the wearing is very comfortable.

You have a D-ring at each side which have a plastic hinge so they don’t clatter and stay in the position you want. The D-rings can be folded up and down and they stay in the position until you want a different position.

You can see on the following picture the neck cuff with a folded D-ring.

Here you can see the completely opened neck cuff which is ready to be put around the neck.

In order to lock it you need to open up the lock completely so the bolt can be put over the nut. This is important in order to put on the lock without problems. The bracket does not get damaged if you follow the instructions.

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