To connect leg bands with the chastity belt – 3 D-rings

13.04.2019 18:06

To connect leg bands with the chastity belt – 3 D-rings-.

What do you need to connect the leg bands with the chastity belt?

Generally there is no problem connecting the leg bands to the chastity belt. At the outside of the leg bands there are connection chains attached, which are the connection to the chastity belt. In the middle of the leg bands there are the so called connection chains, which will be pulled through the two D-rings and are closed with the lock.

To prepare the chastity belt for the leg bands.

There are two foldable D-rings welded at each side of the chastity belt, as seen on the picture. These D-rings can be used to hang in the leg bands and to close it afterwards. The D-rings which is attached at the crotch is also very important. They hold the connection chain so that they can slip down. It’s now not possible that the “slave” can walk or spread the legs.

What do you need for attachment?

Two D-rings, each one for the right and left side
One D-ring in the crotch

Just order three additional D-rings.

All D-rings are foldable at the chastity belt. You can see the foldable D-ring at the crotch of the chastity belt to use for the connection chains.

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