To fit the chastity belt perfectly to the body

13.04.2019 15:49

It is important that your chastity belt fits perfectly to your body.

The fitting is important for men and woman. No body shapes is the same. As you know everybody of us has a completely different body. This is where we come, we want to make sure that your new chastity belt fits to you perfectly. You can see on the fowollwing picture how to fit a woman’s chastity belt, but it’s the same with chastity belts for men, the picture just shows an example.

1.) To match the waist/ hip form of the wearer of the chastity belt.

To get the perfect fit in the waist/hip area you need to put on the chastity belt. You will realise that there are spots between your body and the waist / hip band, that lay more thight and less tight to your body. Now you need to form these spots at the band with the hand, so you can balance it out until you feel an evenly pressure at your waist/ hip. This is very important if you want to wear the belt for a long time.

2.) To form the front shield of your chastity belt to your body.

Look at the instruction before and take those steps exactly to form the front shield. The procedure is the same for men and woman. It’s important for woman that the front shield is straight to the body if you have a standing position. If you follow these steps there wont be many pressure spots at your body. Men need to put the front shield in a way so that the penis tube stays tight to penis root with less pressure.

3.) To fit the crotch band at your chastity belt

You need to form the crotch band so that the band goes through the crotch and the anal area without any big distance to your body. Form the hollow back at the back of your body. If finished these steps you can start wearing your chastity belt.

Please remember! Start wearing your new chastity belt first for a couple of minutes, than a maybe some hours and after that a little longer. Give your body time to get used to the chastity belt and to enjoy it. Unfortunatley we often see that these mistakes are made in practice beacuse the time to get used to it is too short.

Hinweis / Note