To place the lock at the locking system correctly

13.04.2019 17:30

You might ask yourself how to put on the lock at your chastity belt correctly? This question is easy to answer. If you put on the chastity belt on your body and the waist bands are around your hips you just need to put on the locking system, than you put the lock onto the bolt and close it.

1) The lock has a groove at the side. This matches exactly with over the recess of the bolt. Open up the lock so that the bracket is positioned at an angle of 180° to the body and the you press the cover plates together, so the bracket can slide over the groove of the bolt.

2) Pull the lock into the the groove and the pull the lock down to the end of the bracket. Set the lock in a straight position.

3) Turn the still opened lock around so you can close it.

4) Now you press the lock with thumb and trigger finger together so the lock closes. Now your chastity belt is closed up with an ultra flat locking system. To open up the lock just reverse the order.  Because of the ultra flat locking system you can’t see it under your clothes. There will be no curvature, nobody will see that you are wearing a belt underneath.

Hinweis / Note