To properly close the chastity belt and the locking system

13.04.2019 17:27

We want to help you to close the flat lock at your chastity belt properly, so we want to explain the lock a little more precisely.

If you put the waist band around your hips you first take the end of the waist band and you put it in the rear locking plate of your locking system. Then you take the other end of your waist band and you also put it over the other end of the locking system. Now both ends of the waist band are laying in the locking system of your chastity belt. It should look like the picture you see below.

Very important! Please note that the ends of the waist band have to be totally straight and not kinked (especially in the area of the bore), otherwise you can’t close the cover plate and this way the lock can’t be hung into the bolt. You also need to take care of the silicone profiles. There should not be any silicone lips between the cover plate and the endings of the waist band.

Now you put the front shield over the bolt of your locking system, as seen in the following picture. All three pieces are now in the locking system and you are ready for the last step.

Please watch that there are no kinks or bows in the metal sheet and there are no silicone lips hanging between the waist band and the rear locking plate. Finally you put the cover plate of your chastity belt over the bolt und you press both plates together with you thumb and your trigger finger. You should now see the groove of the bolt. Afterwards you hang the bracket of the locking system and by pressing them together the bracket and the lock holder are beeing closed.

Hinweis / Note