Travel at the Activ (steel rope) chastity belt

13.04.2019 17:51

Travel at the Activ (steel rope) chastity belt

Yes, even this is possible at your chastity belt. We deliver the travel system at the waist or hip band of your chastity belt in conjunction with the Activ crotch band (steel rope). We got inspired by our customers and so we made it possible to install a travel system to the steel rope crotch band at the chastity belts.

What are the advantages of the travel system at the chastity belt?

You can take off the travel system with only one turn and it gets separated from the crotch band of your waist or hip band. This is important if you want to fold the chastity belt together. That way you can store it in your closet or in your luggage while traveling. That’s where the name originally came from.

Which crotch bands are available for the travel system?

You can use all chastity belt systems with a continuous crotch band with an anal opening and an Activ band. You can’t use a chastity belt with chains or a double Activ crotch band. It makes no sense to install a travel system if you have chains as crotch band because they can be folded anyways.

Can I install the travel system at my chastity belt afterwards?

Yes, you can order your chastity belt at first and you can install the travel system later on. It’s all about your wishes and the use you want. Just send us your chastity belt and we’ll make the rest for you.

You can see the back of the chastity belt with the travel system of the Activ crotch band.

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