Untouchable Chastity Belt - Adjustability in the crotch

13.04.2019 16:11

The untouchable chastity belt is generally adjustable at the crotch. That means if you order a chastity belt in our online shop, in this case the untouchable chastity belt, we try to produce them so you can adjust it.

But sometimes we can’t realise that.

We are producers who produce chastity belts custome made so sometimes there can be small deviations at the procedure of your untouchable chastity belt.

We want to explain to you, how and when these deviations arise:

After you’ve placed your order we send you the measurement instruction which you send us back after you filled in all your measurements and we start the prdouction of your product. If the distance between the penis and the anal entrance is extremly close we can’t ensure the adjustabilty at the crotch. That is often the case if you are a small person, for example Asians or very slender people.

As seen on the next picture there is only one hole under the lock.

If your measurements are in the normal area all chastity belts can be delivered with the possibilty to adjust them at the crotch. As seen on the following picture there is another hole directly under the lock body (might be hard to see).

Hinweis / Note