What are the differences between the front shields and what shapes are available?

12.04.2019 19:07

After many requests of our customers we made different front shields and adjusted them. This is important because you can use the right front shield for every practice. All of your front shields are basic shields which can be used as TOTAL system and as a KOMFORT system. The ERGOSLIM front shield can be also used as TOTAL or as KOMFORT system. This front shield is very slim. The TRANSFORMATION front shield which is wide and curved in 3 D fits perfectly around your body. The UNTOUCHABLE front shield is the final front shield, testicales and penis are seperated from each other.

BASIC shield
It’s an easy basic shield with wings at each side and can be used as an allaround front shield for almost every pratice. For men and woman.

The extremly slim form is an important attribute if the wearer is wearing it all day in a sitting position for example. The legs be put together as tight as possible while sitting on a chair and there are no problems with your nerves or bloodstream.

As the name says it’s made for men who want to be more female. The outside shape compares to the female shape and the testicales are hidden under the wide curved front shield.

It’s comlepetly rounded shape does not lay on under your clothes than other shields but it has a very beautiful shape. The testicales are seperated from the penis in that shield. There are less egdes and  angles.

Hinweis / Note