What do I do with leg bands and what are they for?

12.04.2019 19:43

Leg bands are a wonderful instrument for a limited mobility of your slave or it can be used for extended breeding lessons. You can fully enjoy the play between domination and devotion while the intense stimulation of the captivation increases very fast. Leg bands should usually be woren at the first third over the knee joint. The limited mobility will reduce even more if the band is lower, partially only small steps are possible.

If the lenght of the middle conection chain between the bands is small you can even make it smaller. The bands should basically be conntected with the chain in the middle. The chain runs each time through a D-ring and at the lower part it runs throuh the D-ring, which is tight to the croatch band and is connected to the lock. The chain, which is fixed at the outside of the D-ring, leads up to the chastity belt and is there fixed with the D-rings. That way they will always stay where they belong.

Hinweis / Note