What kind of crotch bands are there?

12.04.2019 15:32

You can choose different croatch bands for the belt. Every croatch band has a different use and is made for another priority. You have an continuous croatch band, which continous and it has an oval opening. The edges are made of silicone and you can install different analplug sheets to connect dildos, plugs or vibrators.

Another croatch band is called „Activ“ (steel robe), which runs almost invisible through the buns to the back until it reaches the belt. You have the opportunity to connect an anal dildo to the steel robe, without any srews. The dildo slides up and down the steel robe and it automatically gets the right position while it’s already inside.

We also have another croatch band with chains. The chain runs from the middle between the legs at the outside of the waistband of the belt. The chains are directly over the buns of the wearer.

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