What material is the chastity belt made of?

12.04.2019 20:38

What material are chastity belts and other My-Steel products made of?

All chastity belts, both for men and women, are made exclusively of V2A stainless steel. This noble material is also used in the food industry and is antibacterial and, if it is polished, then also non-rusting! This is extremely important, because especially when it comes to hygiene, and our product is worn on the body, it is particularly important that the material consists of high-quality stainless steel V2A. The material mentioned above is used as the basis for all our products. In order to improve the resistance even further, all stainless steel sheets are highly polished and thus guarantee maximum resistance.

The chastity belt made of V2A and high-gloss - what characteristics does the material have?

You can read more about the exact properties of the material that the chastity belts are made of at the following link to Wikipedia.

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