Which crotch bands are available?

12.04.2019 19:10

Different crotch bands are available for the belt, which you as a customer can select when ordering. Each of these individual crotchbands is designed for different applications and priorities. Thus there is a "continuous crotch band", which, as the name suggests, is continuous and has an oval opening in the anus area. Here you can do your "big business". The edges of this crotch band are continuously provided with the silicone profile and are thus beautifully protected around the skin not to hurt. Furthermore you can install different anal closure plates at this crotch band where dildos or plugs or vibrators can be attached.

Another crotch band is the "Activ" (steel rope), which runs almost invisibly between the legs and buttocks of the wearer to the back of the belt. On this steel rope you also have the possibility to attach and hang anal dildo. This is only possible for our own stainless steel dildos. Such a stainless steel dildo is installed in the twinkling of an eye and without annoying screws or mount with tools. Thus the dildo glides at the steel cable up and down and can determine itself with the inserted dildo in the anal entrance the optimal position and can not cant.

As a third option there is the crotch band with the chains. With this band the chain runs from the lower middle at the chastity belt between the legs to the outside at the waist band of the belt still above, where the chains are fastened medium-oh of a D-ring. The chains run thus directly over the buttocks of the wearer.

Important: All different crotch bands can be used on all models!

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