Why are there different waist bands available – straight, ergonomic and superergonomic?

12.04.2019 19:02

Different waist bands for different body shapes, that’s our motto! The human body is no straight construct like a tree which runs straight from the top to the bottom. Let’s look at the female shapes: there is a woman with a very tight and slim waist and a strongly pronounced pelvis and she has has a normal butt. The lines of that woman runs over the waist to the hips in a curved slightly angular shape. Here you can use the ergonomic or if it should be more comfortable the superergonomic waist band because it follows the body shapes and the pressure can be better distributed. Chafing or pressure points on your skin are minimized.

The superergonomic waist or hip band is mainly used by woman or by men who have a similar body shape (slim waist and a strongly pronounced pelvis). Men mostly just need the ergonomic waist band. The straight waist band can only be recommended for waist models because the band is woren very high at your body.

Hinweis / Note