Why did chastity belts get so popular in the last couple of years?

12.04.2019 17:19

It’s a question of sexual stimualtion and the power you create with that belt. The chastity belt is nowadays like normal eyeryday clothes that why it’s so integrated in society, not least because you can wear it while you go working and use it as underwear. The sexual highlight between you and your partner can be increased indefinitely. Imagen, you and your partner have a long-distance realationship or you just met a new partner.

Wearing the belt is a prove that you save your sexual impulses for your partner or it can be to control your own sexual and relaxe phase. As long as you wear the chastity belt you or your partner can decide when it’s time to open it up. More and more people and couples discover it for themselves.

Products are in demand all over the world because more customers would like personelle things, which are made just for there bodies. The belts are often sold with addional accessory, like anal or vaginal dildos, plugs elektro dildos, vaginal plugs or anal plugs. You can easily install the accessory to your chastity belt. We have different tube sizes with an inside diameter of 35 mm or 38 mm for men.

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