Will all the products be delivered with locks?

12.04.2019 17:08

Many of our customers asked us if you get saftey locks when you order a chastity belt, the bra or the bondage set and the answer to that question is yes. If you order a product you will always get all locks which the product needs. And of course you will always get the all the keys for your locks. The KOMFORT chastity belt for example has only one lock. This lock and the two keys will be delivered to you.

The TOTAL model has two locks, one at the closure and the other at the front shield in order to adjust the croatch band. In this case you get at least two keys. Of course this depends on the deliverer of our locks (company Burg Wächter). Sometimes there are four keys in a package and sometimes even eight keys. In this case you will get two keys for each lock, altogether four keys. If you need further locks for the chains of your bondage set you need to order them seperately.

Hinweis / Note