Woman chastity belt with Swarovski and a 24 carat golden lock

13.04.2019 18:08

Woman chastity belt with Swarovski and a 24 carat golden lock.

This chastity belt is the perfect match for you.

A new definition of luxury! It’s getting even better. The chastity belt is not just a bondage product anymore; it got more and more to a fashionable piece of jewelry with a big portion of security. We constructed our products better and better. The pieces which women wear underneath their clothes are pure luxury today! Is your woman worth the price?

The chastity belt with Swarovski stones and a 24 carat golden lock.

You love your partner? If that is the case you should definitely get your partner a stainless steel chastity belt for your own safety. It’s not just about the trust it’s because she is safe if she is walking through the streets at night alone. This will give her a feeling of security, too. Just have to imagen that your partner is coming home and is undressing herself in your bedroom. You will see a lock made of Swarovski’s. The lock is covered with 24 carat gold. This is dream come true. A chastity belt which does not only looks good but is also jewelry for a woman. No matter how you’re going to put this….

The locking of the chastity belt with Swarovski’s and a 24 carat golden lock.

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