To attach the leg bands to the chastity belt – what do I need?

13.04.2019 20:48

To attach the leg bands to the chastity belt – what do I need?

Many customers wish to attach the leg bands to their chastity belt or they want to order the chastity belt with the leg bands together. You might ask yourself: what do I need to connect everything?

We want to explain to you what you need for attaching something to your chastity belt.

You can see on the following picture a chastity belt with many D-rings. You just need three D-rings to attach the leg bands.  Two of them are attached to the waist band /hip band (at the left and right side of the waist band/hip band). The third D-ring is attached at the crotch band down side. All rings are foldaway so they don’t clatter if they are not used! If used just fold them down. We always recommend a third ring in the crotch, so the leg bands won’t slip down. Some customers don’t want the D-ring at their chastity belt. This you need to decide for yourself.

Now you can see the attachment of the leg bands to the chastity with the delivered chains. These chains are hung to the D-rings which are on the side of the waist band /hip band and they are secured with the locks. The middle connection chain goes through the D-ring in the crotch and is secured together with the D-ring at the leg bands.

The future wearer is limited in his walking space and can’t spread the legs anymore.

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