What do I have to consider if I want to send a product back to My-Steel for revision?

12.04.2019 17:29

You are welcome to send your purchased product back to us for revision or repair. We then take a look at your bondage item and make you an individual offer, if your product’s warranty has expired.  You can send your chastity belt or your bondage-set to our legal address, which are referred tour company details on our website.

Please use the following adress:

edel+stahl DESIGN GmbH
Im Wüstfeld 21
64859 Eppertshausen

Tel: 0049 6071 391948

Please note the following in case of a return:

The item must arrive in a purified state in our house. If we receive your package with a chastity-belt in a dirty state, like leavings of urine or excrements, we will we will decide according to curing the condition, whether we will resend your items or charge you with a cleaning fee.  We would like to point out politely, that we are humans as well, and no trash cans!

Your team.

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