Why is a cash on delivery order not possible?

12.04.2019 17:27

Why is a cash on delivery order not possible? You’re right if you say it would be a great way to order the products you want, than we produce them and send them to you with cash on delivery. But we can’t offer this delivery option because all our products are custom-made. This means all the products you order will be individually made just for you. We don’t have shelves filled with the products.

We had bad experience within the past so chose not to offer this type of delivery any more. Just imagen that the product is produced and has been sent but there is nobody picking up the package from the post office and they send it back to us. We can’t use this unique product and we sure can’t sell this product to another customer because it’s custom-made.

We therefore kindly ask for your understanding!

Hinweis / Note