COMFORT-Chastity belt System with continuous crotch belt and anus-hole for women

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The material of the COMFORT-Chastity belt is V2A highly-polished stainless steel. The edges are coated with strike-friendly silicone profile. Free of charge, you can choose between different colours. The COMFORT style for your Chastity belt has a uniquely flat locksystem. This system connect the the waist band with the crotch band and closed the chastity belt. The lock at the waist band is individually adjustable, but the crotch band from the chastity belt adjustment is not possible. So, it's discreet in everyday life ? inconspicuous under clothing. The wearer is locked in addition, by the precisely manufactured parts surely, has the possibility of adjusting weight fluctuations. Thewaist band can be adjusted with simple handles in the opened condition over up to 3 cm of far and/or up to 3 cm more closely. The continuous chrotch band for your chastity belt is provided made of high-grade steel and with an opening for the anus. The inside diameter of the anus-hole amounts to in the width approx.. 4.5 cm in the length 9 cm.

You can choose between following kinds of types: 

Hip model: Approx. 8 to 10 cm, the waist band is under the belly button. It is suitable very well, when you wear hip-pants and belly-free clothes. By the deep seat, the chastity belt get it sportyness. Waist model: Approx. the waist bandput on the belly button.

You can choose between following kinds of waist bands:

BASIC: The waist band is continuous straight around the waist. ERGONOMIC: Attiributable to the design of the chastity belts, the complete traction power will transfer to the waist band . In order to work against here, the waist band runs swung from the front to the rear over the hip. The lateral pressure on the waist sides and/or hip is evenly distributed. SUPER ERGONOMIC: We?ve formed the waist band by a special 3D method. So we get a consistent force-distribution on the waist or hip. The gestation period extend many times more with this special shaping.

You can choose between following kinds of front shields for your chastity belt:

Front shield STANDARD-Version with slotted hole,Front shield LONG-Version conical shaping with slotted hole or  Front shield LONG-Version conical shaping without slotted hole with urinal holes. These shields, also you can select  of "convex surface" type or "flat surface" type over the virginal area.

TRAVEL-System: By this world-wide singular joint catch, this rotation lock-system for your chastity belt is very easy to handle.

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Female chastity belt - Questions and answers

chastity belt gender: chastity belt for female / women
types of chastity models: basic-COMFORT-system
chastity belt wear life: chastity belt wear life for long therm
chastity belt adjustability: adjustable in waist/hip
kind of frontshild: normal frontshild (standard)
kind of chrotchband: continous chrotch band with anus hole
chastity belt for dildos and vibrators: vaginal dildos/vibrators for femal chastity belts anal dildos/vibrators for female chastity belts

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